Top 10 inappropriate children’s gifts

Remember those day’s of stacking tonnes of Lego’s togther in order to build a huge robot that will take over te world and crush your friends robot? It seems the lovely designers of some toy factories have decided to slowly corrupt our childrens innocent childhood with these top 10 wildly but hilariously inappropriate toys for children!

10.  That’s a big piece you have there….


This elephant sure has a reason to be smilng like he is…

9.  Suck it good…


Buzz looks pretty smug here, i wonder why….

8. Why would you want to shave a baby?


Lord only knows why you would want to teach your child how to shave a baby….but just in case you do this is the perfect children’s gift for you! Enjoy!

In order to give the best gift to someone you care about,  you have to know the person first  who is working in So we thought there is no better way for you to get to know more about us than through the medium of gifts!

Have a scroll down and see what’s inside the gift boxes below to unearth more about us. Happy hunting!

7. Get them wet


Something im sure they will learn to do when their older… but maybe its a bit too early to be teaching them the power of their two fingers…

6.  Hannah wants some…


Well those “guitars” look suspiciously like something else…want to have a taste?

5. So that’s what it looks like..


Admit it, we have all wondered where it is in the films and how big it must be. Here it is in all its glory.

4. Thats a lot of goo…


Spiderman is just showing off now…

3. Mickeys mic


Surely nobody mistook those yellow feet to be something else….

2. Hail…what?


Where did they even purchase this from? And what kind of parent would buy this?

1. Barbie…what’s that in your…oh..


All girls love to roleplay with Barbie dolls but maybe this is a step too far…

Found these gifts hilarious? Have a gander at the below for our very own inappropriate gifts!


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