Star Wars Force Band


We felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in child-like excitement”

Deceiving Stormtroopers, raising X-Wings out of swamps, choking insolent underlings – we’ve all wished that we could wield the untold powers of the Force. But not all of us are descended from a long lineage of noble Jedis or deviant Sith Lords, nor do we have the time to attend tedious training sessions on Daggobah. Thankfully Sphero, the galactic engineers behind BB-8, have created the Star Wars Force Band – just strap it round your wrist to feel the force flow through you.

The mighty Force Band channels its ancient powers in three unique and exciting modes:

Droid Control
Rather than harnessing the dubious energy of midi-chlorians, the Force Band connects to your Sphero BB-8 via Bluetooth and uses an internal accelerometer to accurately map your hand movements. Thrust your hand forward to send BB-8 into driving mode, turn your palm down and BB-8 will look away from you, up and it’ll look back at you. It’s possibly the most satisfying experience in the Galaxy.

Force Awareness
Away from your BB-8, when you’re wearing the Force Band out and about, you’ll be occasionally made aware of disturbances in the force. Then, using vibrations and light cues from the band you’ll be able to seek out a virtual relic nearby – once discovered you can reveal the item in a smartphone app and add it to your ever-growing collection. Think of it like ‘Pokemon Go’, only you’re a Jedi Master.

Combat Training
Some of the relics that you can collect include virtual weapons, like lightsabers and blasters. As you wield these imaginary weapons in Combat Training mode, the force band will emit an array of exciting sound effects and vibrations to really bring the experience life.


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