SpreadTHAT! Self-Heating Butter Knife


It seems ‘bore off margarine’ are the words on everybody’s lips these days. Sure, it may be spread ready fresh from the fridge, but what about the blandness? This appetite crushing concoction doesn’t pack even half the creamy oomph of butter – and thanks to this Self-Heating Butter Knife we don’t have to stand for it any more.

The SpreadTHAT! Self-Heating Butter Knife is made from highly efficient thermal conductive titanium, meaning it transmits heat from your hand to the blade of the knife, softening cold, infuriatingly hard butter quicker than you can say “margarine is ghastly substance and for too long has it run butter’s name through the dirt. Also, yes we can believe it’s not butter. Margarine is a shabby imposter and a butter fanatic’s palate is finely tuned. In fact, it’s near impossible to pull the wool over one’s eyes.”

Heating up in under 20 seconds, your cholesterol will be on its way to worrying new heights before you know it. Spread the word.


Please Note:

  • We did try to come up with some clever butter puns, but the margarine for error was too high.

Product Features:

  • This knife harnesses your body heat and uses it to spread butter
  • Crafted from thermal conductive titanium
  • Comes in a variety of colours. The variety being black or red
  • Easy on the ol’ wrist
  • Dishwasher safe


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