Infinity Cube

*Around £29.99 BUY FROM RED5.CO.UK
Dazzling galactic mood light Discover your own infinite universe Cube measures 19cm x 16cm Powered by Micro USB or 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Infinity, the concept of the never-ending that has baffled and excited mathematicians, science boffins and philosophers in equal measure. This mind bending idea of forever can now be yours as an ultra-modern mood light.

A simple push down of this sleek, contemporary black box reveals star-like LEDs that can either be static, gently phasing or twinkling in time with music! Mirrored walls give the impression of a larger space within the cube and the darkened glass provides an illusion of floating stars within a mini universe.

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Infinity Cube
Infinity Cube BUY FROM RED5.CO.UK

Product Description

Unlike the real universe this one is powered by USB or 3 x AA meaning it can be placed just about anywhere and transform your room into an intergalactic haven in moments.

If all that wasn’t cool enough, the way the cube sits on the stand gives the illusion of it levitating from certain angles. Simply put, the Infinity Cube emulates all the wonders of the universe in one irresistible mood light!


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