Welcome to The Gift Hunt! Weather its a cool gift for him or a  gift for her to cherish, you are in the right place! Buying a gift isn’t easy especially when the person has everything already!

The best place to start is to analyze your relationship with the person, what memories do you share? Do you have any private jokes that only the two of you would understand?  A useful way of approaching this problem is to think of a gift as communication. When you give someone a gift you are trying to tell them or remind them about something, a moment, a private joke or a future goal.

Ask yourself first, “What do I want to say to this person?” Then move on to “What can I give them that will communicate this?”. This is opposite to the more common “What can I buy them?” and then “What will they think of it?”.

Latch onto those thoughts and explore the vast range of gifts here at The Gift Hunt! Happy hunting!